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Donald Francis RIP (Read 2219 times)
Donald Francis RIP    posted on Aug 3rd, 2014, 7:20pm
It is with great sadness that I belatedly discovered just now that the rubber duck collecting world lost one of its fathers, Don Francis of Yucaipa, CA. Don Francis was one of the original two big Southern California collectors along with Roger Ellison (who I have also lost touch with). Don took it upon himself to teach me a lot about rubber ducks and rubber duck collecting. Don, who was a book seller, had amazing knowledge and enthusiasm about the history of the rubber duck and he would regale me with stories about traveling the country collecting ducks. I learned from him more about rubber ducks than from anyone before or since. Eventually, he would honor me by selling me his incredible collection. He trusted that I would care for it better than he was able to. So far that has been true.
He was a great friend and mentor for several years and I was attempting to reconnect making this news even sadder. He definitely left before his time and I am stricken that I will not be able to talk rubber ducks with him again. Above all, he was a kind and sweet man who never ran out of small kindnesses. He will be missed.
Here's the article I ran across: http://patch.com/california/montrose/bp--patch-blog-don-the-book-man-of-montrose
Re: Donald Francis RIP    posted on Jan 24th, 2016, 11:46am
Well that's sad as I was just reading about him recently and thought I'd Google him only to find Don had passed on. Very sad. Wish I had gotten the chance to meet him.
Re: Donald Francis RIP    posted on Yesterday at 8:13am
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