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Finally Back! (Read 862 times)
Finally Back!    posted on Jun 11th, 2012, 2:14am
After a crazy year of moving, new job, etc. I finally made it back to Duckplanet. Glad I was able to figure out my password.
Sadly, I doubt I'll be able to return to my job due to budget cuts. The program is being suspended due to district's lack of funding. I loved my students and will miss them dearly. The one person... or duck though that they'll miss the most is a Mr. Gerard D. Duck. Let me back up...
The one thing I like to do is to share a little bit of my interests with my students. Helps develop a rapport and create a positive classroom environment. So one day, I decided to randomly place a small gumball machine Facebook (since they're all on Facebook) duck on top of the stereo and just waited to see if they'd notice. What resulted was the newest member of the high school dance arts department... Gerard D. Duck. The name was decided upon by my advanced class and was just completely random. Gerard watched every class and rehearsal from his stereo perch and attended every performance via a perfectly fitted lanyard that I wore around my neck. Students insisted on rubbing him for luck and he was given a facebook page to share department happenings and rehearsal notes. He also came out and bowed with the students at the end of every performance. Gerard later gained two friends: Bubbles, a peace sign gumball duck, and Simba "Our Fluffy Exotic Friend Whose Alias is Todd", a tiger gumball duck. I do not question the names, they're high schoolers. The ducks made trips for school holidays and shared their adventures with the class. Simba traveled all the way to Boston on a chorus trip, Bubbles attended Oktoberfest in Helen, GA, and Gerard even had a date to prom. The ducks became a permanent fixture in the classroom and encouraged students to be comfortable and confident in class.
Sadly, the students don't know that the program is cut and we'll all be sad to say goodbye, but I just thought I'd share that fun little duck story with a few fellow duck lovers. If I ever figure out how to post pictures, I'll try and get a few up. Oh and MANY MANY THANKS to digicolleen for the duck who became a high school name! Smiley
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