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the start of your collection! (Read 3461 times)
Re: the start of your collection!    posted on Mar 14th, 2012, 6:47pm
Thanks !  Let me know what boxes you get that you're gonna toss cause I'd like some that I don't have Smiley
Re: the start of your collection!    posted on Oct 20th, 2012, 7:28am
I brought my first 2 ducks for my wedding which were a bride and groom duck and then dad also brought me a duck which is a Leicester City Football Club duck.  They were all at my wedding.

Re: the start of your collection!    posted on Nov 9th, 2013, 11:47pm
Yes, I KNOW it's been over a year, but I just HAD to share. I found DP before I started collecting and thought,  Shocked wow, then I tried to find a reason why not  Roll Eyes And now I feel like Tongue oh well, since I've already started, I may as well continue. So shortly after finding this here forum I got this little guy for my birthday,
Re: the start of your collection!    posted on Aug 29th, 2015, 5:26am
i am new to this site so hello everyone!!!! i see that this is an old thread, but i wanted to participate anyway. I'm doing something wrong when i try to download my pictures so i will not be able to post a picture.
here's my story!
     I started collecting Ducky things when i was in Elementary school, I think. No, it was 6th grade and i went to new york to visit one of my best friends that moved away. We went into the city to see the sites, shop, etc. We went into a store and i saw a bunch of SanRio stuff. This was the first time i had seen the duck, "Pekkle"! I fell in love with him and ducks at that moment! I bought as many things as i could with him on it, a stationary set with paper in his shape, pencils, a notebook, stickers, etc. I have loved ducks ever sense.
     I still always loved ducks, but didnt really start Collecting them until i got older. But i did have a ducky candle and pj pants plus a few duckys that got lost in all my moves. Now that I have kids they have had a ton of fun helping me with my duck collection!  
    It started at one of their school events. I think it was the school skating party. I gave them money to play games and win tickets (when they are supposed to be skating lol). When it came time to get going we first had to pick their prizes. Wouldn't you know it they had a bunch of cute rubber duckys!! My daughter says "MOM, you love Ducks!!! I want to get you one!!" She picked me out a princess duck  Smiley  Now every month they have a skating party, we try to go to all of them, but that doesnt always happen. When we do make it we always get at least 1 duck. So because of that my children have each started a mini collection of their own, but my daughter usually likes to keep hers a little while and then give them to me. My son keeps most of his lol!! its funny to find out that most of the places that we go to with prizes have duckys too, chuck-e-cheese, Zap Zone, and even the school carnival.
    Also anytime my children see a duck stuffed animal in one of those claw machines, they have to win it for me!! We went to one of those build a bear workshops (an imitation one) and my son, daughter and I each made an animal. They happened to have each of our favorite animals! My son got a Monkey in a football uniform, My daughter got a kitten in a cute girly outfit, and i got a duck wearing a ducky robe with ducky slippers!!! that has to be one of my favorites! The lady there was so nice, and my children told her how much o loved ducks that she even gave me a ducky finger puppet lol
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