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Identi-Duckie: Rubber Duck Fieldguide (Read 3110 times)
Identi-Duckie: Rubber Duck Fieldguide    posted on May 24th, 2008, 4:55pm
Listed below are names and descriptions for some of the most common types of rubber duckies. Each type has many variations and has been manufactured by two or more companies over the years. More duckies and information will be added over time.

Long Neck Ducks
This is by far the most common rubber duck. The Rubba Ducks line of rubber ducks are all variations on this type.  

Tongue Ducks
This  is the second most common type. These are popular promotional ducks because they are small and inexpensive.

Nesting Ducks
Also known as  First Years Type (FYT), after the company that has sold so many of these ducks in the big chain stores.  

Racing Ducks
Popularized by the folks at Great American Duck Races (now G.A.M.E).  These ducks are usually weighted and float well.

Puckering Ducks
Usually these ducks are generic with no manufacturer's markings on them.  

Mini Smooth Ducks
Knobler International makes a high quality version of these (pictured left). Generic versions are also common.

Casper Ducks
Often painted with heart-shaped eyes (pictured left and right) or round eyes with 3 to 6 eyelashes (pictured center).  

Classic Sailor Ducks
This is a fairly common duck that has changed very little despite having been around for a few decades. A classic.
Other Useful Terms:
cadillac duck: A raft-like rubber designed to carry one or more separate rubber ducks on his or her back.  
cadillac duck set: A cadillac duck plus ducklings.
floater: A duck designed to float in a tub or pool.
stander: A duck designed to stand or sit upright on a hard surface.
squirter: A duck designed to squirt water through a tiny hole. Usually does not squeak.
squeaker: A duck designed to make a squeaking sound. Usually has a slightly larger hole in that is molded or outfitted with a mechanism to make a squeaking sounds.
sealed duck: A duck that has been sealed and has no holes to let air or water in or out. Usually does not squeak. However, some ducks do have completely internal squeaker mechanism.
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