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Contest: Winning Essay (Read 1377 times)
Contest: Winning Essay    posted on Mar 15th, 2008, 6:49pm
Duckplanet held its first essay contest in February in the Community Forum bulletin board. The theme of the contest was: How has Duckplanet.com improved you life? We had several great, heartfelt entries.  Ultimately, the essay of Jackie from Upstate New York  (USA) was chosen as the winner.  Our lucky winning essayist will receive a small box full of, what else, rubber ducks. Jackie's winning essay is below.
"Duckplanet was a place I never expected to find when I began my collection just over two years ago. To me, the prospect of collecting rubber ducks was bizarre (or, so that’s what my peers often reminded me of.) Never would I expect once I came to visit this site for the first time I’d be experiencing such joy and creating memories with such wonderful people.  
I had never been a forum person, it always seemed inevitable to me they where walking disasters. But, I swallowed my fear and posted. I was shocked. People where trying to help, not treating me like some ‘newbie’ who really shouldn’t be there. I felt accepted, and before I knew it I was looking forward to hearing peoples replies to topics.
To me, Duckplanet became a place that resembled almost a close-knit family, and always willing to accept more people. Besides the people, the site has proven to be an excellent resource for viewing the hard to find ducks from various collections and even providing help finding places to buy such ducks.  
I love the heartwarming feeling this site brings to so many people, and nothing feels better then helping out someone with there newly ‘hatched’ collection. And just viewing the collections of other fellow collectors almost pushes me to try and expand my own!
The site itself has helped me lose the fear of my collection. A year ago I was tying to hide the fact I collected something commonly referred to as ‘baby toys’, but now I know I’d proudly shout from the rooftops: “I collect Rubber Ducks! And I’m proud of it!” So I thank the community and everyone who keeps this site up and running for giving people like me a place that feels like home. And of course, for creating such a wonderful site where all duck collectors can flock and just talk about our little yellow friends that brought us together!"  --Jackie, New York, USA
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