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Welcome and Forum Rules (Read 9149 times)
Welcome and Forum Rules    posted on Jan 16th, 2006, 8:44pm
Welcome to the Duck Fan Forum, the Duckplanet.com http://www.duckplanet.com message board! This is a place where rubber duck collectors can meet to talk about rubber ducks and the hobby. Many collectors who come here say that they thought they were all alone in their rubber duck collecting until they stumbled across this forum. Many of us have gone on to make long time friends here. A huge amount of rubber duck knowledge has been posted here over the years. If you collect rubber ducks, Duckplanet.com is the place to be and this Duck Fan Forum is our gathering place. Come on in, the water is warm! And don’t forget your rubber ducks!  
Like every good establishment, we do have a few rules.
Ground Rules
1. Read all these rules before posting anything.
2. This forum is geared for adults, but please bear in mind that young teens read this site too. Keep your posts PG-13.
3. Junior Duckie Rule: New members must limit themselves to 5 posts per day for their first month of membership.
4. Before posting a question, first try searching the old posts for the answer using the search function (Look for the magnifying glass icon at the top, make sure you select “year” so that you search posts for the whole past year).  
5. If you want to spend time here, make an effort to educate yourself. Read the home page, explore the Duckplanet website http://www.duckplanet.com: the home page, the collection photos, follow the links, read old posts.
6. Duck Alerts. Duck alerts are a valued contribution to the community. If you are a new collector, you won’t know what ducks are new are not. If you have been collecting actively for less than one year, think twice before posting an alert or consider prefacing your post with the fact that you are a new collector.  
7. Be the rubber duck. Life is hard. Rubber ducks are not. Please make an effort to keep things friendly. It’s only natural that people will get upset from time to time and reasoned discussions and debates are welcome. Flame wars (the online equivalent of a screaming match) will be mightily doused with bathtub water and post or account deletions as necessary.
8. Trolls (people who deliberately provoke others to make them upset) will have their accounts unceremoniously deleted.
9. Selling Ducks: If you want to post information about ducks or duck items that: 1) you are selling as a private individual on your own behalf ; or 2) on behalf of a one or two person business that you own yourself, you are welcome to do so in the Rubber Duck Exchange Category ONLY. If you are posting about ducks for sale on behalf of an incorporated business, you may post an announcement once a month only.
10. Abusing the board by posting gratuitously in order to get more stars will be punished by having said abuser reduced to one star.
11. Do not post the same message multiple times even if it is in a different thread or category.
12. The administrators reserve the right to remove any member or post that we consider to be malicious or inappropriate according to these rules.
13. The administrators reserve the right to change any rules or forums at any time as they see fit.
In a Nutshell
1. Be considerate of others
2. Educate yourself
3. Be ducky!
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